Azyura Vision

Water Data Solutions

Azyura has produced the first truly enterprise approach to organizing and analyzing wastewater and drinking water data.

Only Azyura's WaterBits provides a single point of upload for data from drinking water and wastewater treatment plants  to Federal and State reporting systems, no matter
whether the treatment plant data is in the form of Excel, LIMS/SCADA/DCS database(s), log files, or all of these.

Azyura is about a new way of looking at your water data: a way that will make it easier to comprehensively monitor all aspects of your water treatment plant and to effortlessly produce the complicated wastewater and drinking water reports required by Federal and State regulatory agencies (DMR, Biosolid, CT, Bacteriological, and many others). 

We are also engaged in providing automated mechanisms for uploading these reports to State and Federal agencies.

Azyura knows how monitoring practices and treatment processes can vary from plant to plant. We are committed to providing your facility with the personalized analysis of your data that will make it more easily interpretable and available for all your internal and external tasks.

We are dedicated to quality and we are determined to offer you the premier level of service that you need to keep our water clean and pure.